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How to curb friends and family from asking for free professional services from you

This month, I contributed to a piece in the Ladders, $100,000 Club discussing how entrepreneurs give away their "product" because they fail to set boundaries. Here are some of the points - You can read the whole article by clicking here

Set clear professional boundaries

When you are in a service profession, it can seem harder for people to understand the value of what you do, says Erica B. McCurdy, managing member of Purpose Point Coaching and McCurdy Solutions Group. The closer they are to you, she says, the more they may feel as though they can ask for opinions and advice.

“In most cases, it may not even have occurred to those who are asking that they have crossed a professional line,” McCurdy explains. “It becomes the responsibility of the professional to set the boundary.”

Counter the ask with clarification

McCurdy says that you can respond to your friend or family member in a way that makes your business boundary clear.

“You do it by clarifying the ask: One easy way to do this is to say something like, ‘It sounds like you are talking about what I do for a living. Would you like me to set up an appointment to come into my office to talk about this?’ ” she continues.

As awkward as it seems, with practice, this becomes easier.


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