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Four Signs It’s Time To End The Conference Call

How To End A Call That’s Gone On Too Long

Some say I'm too wordy - I say I was just looking for the right words - maybe it's a little ironic that I'm quoted in this article for helping people figure out what to say?????

Erica B. McCurdy, a life coach, gave us an example of how to end a call. In her formulation, there are a few elements that you can use to get out of your call. Compliment the work that’s been done, thank everyone for their attendance, explain why you have to leave, and offer one last chance to follow up on the main subject.

Here’s McCurdy’s example:

“Great call, everyone. Thank you for including me. I see that we are five minutes over our allotted time and we have covered our agenda topics. Before I jump off to get back to work, are there any final points or can we take the rest of this offline?”

Thanks Conference Calling .com for including me in your blog. To read the entire article, click here.


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